Kherson nightlife

Where to go? This question bothers everybody and always! As soon as you have free time and when the evening comes and you want to spend your time cheerfully and interesting especially if you are having rest with all of the possible entertainments in the strange city and the rest is prescribed for you then this information will be interesting for you. We will tell to you where, when and how it is better to spend your time if you have arrived to our city Kherson.
The clubs of Kherson, as a rule, are night youth institutions where we come to have a rest in the companies of friends, to dance, to listen to music, to remove stress after a long day of work or a week.
The most widespread types of night clubs are dancing clubs. In most cases the youth of Kherson gives their preference to these clubs. You also can visit musical clubs. They are also popular, among young men and among music fans of more mature age. If you want to hear live performance of musicians and singers or unique records of great composers and actors you necessarily have to visit such clubs. Trying to choose the musical club it is necessary to be guided by your musical preferences.
The variety of musical night clubs is extraordinary big: rock clubs, rap clubs, jazz clubs, pop clubs, retro clubs and clubs of classical music. You have an excellent possibility to choose the direction, something that you like most of all and to visit all versions of musical clubs. In our city there are also elite clubs, place for "elite". It can be the place for a rest and business meetings, for making transactions between the companies, signings the important contracts etc. So the atmosphere and rules of elite clubs give the chance to the visitors not to linger and solve urgent matters even in informal conditions.

Famous Kherson hight clubs:

Night club "Chocolate"
13 Dzerzhinskogo str, Kherson. Ukraine. +38 (0552) 444-240

Amigo - disco club
73021, Kherson. Patona str. +38 (0552)44-43-00

Soho - night club
73003, Oktyabrskoy revolutsiy, 47 +38(0552) 46-12-12

Ego- strip club and disco
73003, Ushakova str 50 +38(0552) 42-45-24